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What do you mean by Outdoor? Who is included?

We term the Outdoor Industry as the following sectors: Wilderness Travel, Snowsports, Climbing, Paddlesports, Bicycling, Fishing, Hunting & Shooting, Fitness and Action Sports. It is a broad category with lots of cross-over between categories, but yet a niche that sellers and buyers can do trade and business.

What is a seller?

A seller is anyone who literally has something to sell to any other company. It can be a product or a service. Example of a seller would be a Website or Social Media company, PR Agency, Marketing Consultant, Lawyer, Trade Show Booth company, Label or Packaging companies, Display companies, Raw Materials and/or Supply companies, Distributors etc.

What is a buyer?

A buyer is an individual, organization or a company that needs to purchase a product or service from another individual, organization or company. Example of buyers would be Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retail Stores, Outfitters or Adventure Travel Companies. Sellers are buyers too as they also need to purchase products and services.

Why does it cost the seller to be listed? Why doesn't the buyer pay?

OutdoorIndustryB2B.com brings potential customers to the seller. Wether the buyer contacts you through OutdoorIndustryB2B.com or goes to the buyer website to communicate, it really doesn't matter. The fact is, you are found and can market your services to a large number of buyers in the Outdoor Industry. If we charged the buyer to use our service, why would they pay if they can contact you for free buy going directly to the seller website? We want as many buyers to participate so sellers can gain more contacts and business. The seller pays a one-time fee of $100 be part of the site.

How do I get started?

You can create an account as a buyer or seller if you go here. You will be asked for your contact and company information and to create a username and password. Your email address will be your username. Depending if you selected yourself as a buyer or seller, you will be taken to a buyer or seller profile page.

  • Seller: Once logged in, you will be taken to a profile update page where you will see areas you can update to create your profile. As you update the profile you can view your work. It is very important that you fill out the profile completely to get the best results from your listing. Please note that your profile will not be displayed to buyers until you pay the fee to be on the site. On the seller update profile page, you can view RFP's that have sent by buyers. You will be notified by email that a proposal has been sent. A link to your seller profile displaying the proposal will be included in the email. Through the site you can respond to the buyer by uploading your response to the proposal. Or, you can contact them directly to ask further questions etc.

  • Buyer: Once logged in, you will be taken to the buyer profile. Here you can create and send a RFP to a category of sellers. Or, you can do a seller search and send an RFP to one seller. When the seller receives your RFP, they can respond by uploading their response, which you will see in your buyer profile page or you can respond directly back to them by phone or email. You will receive an email that you have a response from the seller that includes an attachment and a link to your buyer profile that displays the seller response. Please also note that you can endorse sellers, which I am sure they would very much appreciate. As a buyer, you are not listed on the site and your information is kept confidential unless you contact a seller.

Why does the seller and buyer use the same username and password?

At anytime, a seller can be a buyer and a buyer can be a seller. The seller has access to the buyer profile to send RFP's to other sellers at no charge. The buyer can create a profile, but cannot be a seller unless they pay a fee to appear as a seller on the site. Therefore, you can use the same username and password. Hope we haven't confused to much on this one!

Can I create a Seller profile before I pay?

Yes, you can take your time creating a profile that will show off your services or products. Currently, your payment will allow you to be listed on the site for one year. Your listing with us will start when you pay, not when you create the profile. You will be notified when it is time to renew one month before renewal. Secure payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

How do you get Buyers and Sellers to OutdoorIndustryB2B.com?

We have a large database of contacts and can communicate with many buyers and sellers via our job board OutdoorIndustryjobs.com. The two sites will be linked together for cross-promotion. In addition, we will be networking and spreading the word at industry trade shows and conferences to contact both sellers and buyers to participate.

How I turn off my pop-up blocker ?

Please go here and find your browser and read instruction to turn off our pop-up blocker. You can allow pop-ups just for this site.